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Stop managing servers to build business logics. Use Viasocket as a no-code tool or control the code using script, condition, and loop to build complex workflows.

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Free 2K/month API invocations, no credit card required

5000+ integrations and our easy script writing makes us the most powerful automation tool of the industry

Write complex workflow to build 90% of your backend.

  • Transform data from one app into the right format before passing it on to another app. No data science degree required!

  • Connect Script, delay, conditons, formate data using inbuilt features to build complex workflows.

  • Dry Run every API or script or step to check what response it’s showing.

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Empower your developers and save time and resources.

Unique Features


Your flow will start according to the scheduler you decide, it can be every minute, every hour, every day, every week or every year so that you can automate repetitive tasks.


Connect Webhook to your own singup form or any code or any third-party APP to get data, once you have data on socket, you will be having power to connect or remove any APP/API easily.

Team management

Admin, collaborator or view only access to be shared based on your project, your flow or your complete organisations, so that not only you but your team can also speedup the automation process.

IF / loop / Script

Save your time by building no code IF, LOOP features and use same script again and again in multiple flows. Socket’s inbuilt IF, LOOP and Script features makes it easy to write most complex automation.

API Delay

Wait for the response to be fetch and then run the connected APP/API after few seconds or mins of delay. Help yourself in handling the expecptions and response time of APIs.

Drag / Drop

Every APP, API, IF, LOOP, Script can be easily drag and drop to make modifications in the flow easily. Change the way data flowing in the complete business logic.


Check the response of every APP/API/IF/LOOP/Script using DRY feature without running the complete flow. Also you can visualise what request you have sent and what response you have received.


Every flow will create logs and every logs will be having the data of every APP/API/IF/LOOP/Script you have created inside the flow. Check what request you have sent in every plug and how it is reponded. Also handle the expections.

Variable management

Define any variable as a global vairable and let your team members use that variable in any flow. Example “Let every team members to use same authkey of Airatble without sharing the authkey manually with every member.”

IP restrictions

keep the privacy at the higest possible level, keep the IP restrications of the Data Sources and decide from which IP/server you want to receive the data and then only let socket run the complete flow.

Spam Dectection

Get notifications whenever you are receving similar data in every 10/20/30 seconds or filter similar request from different IP address. make the chances high to keep your flow secure from spamming.

Function management

Every APP/API/Script is a function, make them global and accessible for every team member. Example “Create Script to get domain name from mail ID and make that script global so that any other team member can us it in different flows easily”


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2K task/month free for everyone, Every Plan includes all features.
Unlimited flows, Unlimited API, Unlimited scripts
After free plan either pay or export workflow and use on your server
Plan will auto upgrade once you cross the API invocations limit
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Live Support/integrations on

If you are using Viascoket, you can request your flow/customisations requirements on live chat and we will be building it for you
It’s free for basic automations and for customisations, please talk to support on live chat and Support people will build it for you.
Example: “If you want to make entry in Airtable whenever a new lead come in Hubspot”, it’s free but if you want to add customised script in the flow, paid support.
For advance script building, talk to our support team on live chat, don’t worry it will be cheaper.

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